Reading GroupGrammar Club 

Webleader: Michał Remiszewski 

Grammar Club is aimed at all WA students and staff members interested in discussing English grammar from the most practical perspective. We focus on two types of problems 

1. advanced aspects of English grammar prominent in everyday English but rarelyif everdiscussed in a language classroom 

2. the variance between the grammar used in authentic contexts and the guidelines found in grammar coursebooks. 

Typicallyeach meeting is devoted to a selected aspect of English grammar discussed within the context of real-life usage as attested in booksarticlesfilmssongs, and social media. Everyone is encouraged not only to take active part during the meetings, but also to carry out their own research related to a thought-provoking grammatical phenomenon and present the results at our GPOI (Grammar Point of InterestCompetition held towards the end of each semester 

All materials related to the meetings are available on Moodle. 

Grammar Club can also be found on Facebook: 

This course is open to everybody who wants to practice their reading and translating skills in Old English. A meeting will usually comprise of 1-1,5 page of text to be translated and analysed linguistically. We will begin with simple prose texts, hopefully moving on to alliterative poetry (yay!) in the second semester.

Ideally you should familiarise yourself with the text prior to the meeting, trying to translate it on your own. In this, your best friend will be an electronic, stand-alone version of the Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon dictionary; this piece of software is completely free and can be downloaded from here: (with macrons, updated by Małgorzata Deroń). During the meeting you will be provided with glossaries to the text, in case you have something better to do beforehand ;).

The most important thing is that the study group has as its primary target you - the students. If you have any ideas as how to make the meetings more interesting (although Old English should be interesting enough in itself, right?), feel free to share them with us. Also, do not be afraid to be wrong - after all, it is us who should be more afraid to make mistakes in front of you rather than the other way round ;).

This year will be meeting at 6 p.m. in CH 212.

The Department of the History of English invites all those interested in linguistics with a historical bent to weekly meetings of the HELL Reading Club - the only place west of the Vistula river where you can discuss recent publications in historical linguistics in good company. If you want to talk about history of English or just sit back and listen, you are welcome to attend and participate. No previous HELL knowledge is necessary, though of course it is rather helpful. We'll meet every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in CH 212.

WA Writing Center Consultations Scheduler.

This is a self-access 6-week e-course in argumentative essay writing for:

  • 3BA students - both full-time ("stacjonarne") and part-time ("niestacjonarne")
  • 1MA students - both full-time and part-time - who have never taken a writing course at the Faculty of English, or who are repeating the year

NOTE: Your current PNJA (EFL) writing group teacher may require that you participate here.

The course is **obligatory** for 3BA full-time students on Erasmus+ exchanges in the winter term. 

The enrolment keys are:

  • 3BA full-time ("stacjonarne") students: 3BA#full
  • 3BA part-time ("niestacjonarne") students: 3BA#zao
  • 1MA full-time students: 1MA#full
  • 1MA part-time students: 1MA#zao 

This is e-course is accessible for interested PNJA Writing teachers, who can view the materials and students' progress.

This is an OBLIGATORY 6-week self-service complementary e-course for:

  • 3BA full-time AND part-time English philology students  - unless you have completed it in the past couple of years and have a pertinent badge certificate in your Moodle profile.
  • 1MA full-time students who wrote BA papers outside of the Faculty of English.
Highly recommended also for:
  • 1MA part-time students (unless you completed it in the recent past)
    (NOTE: Your writing teacher may REQUIRE that you participate.)

The enrolment keys are:

  • 3BA full-time ("stacjonarne") students: 3BA#full
  • 3BA part-time ("niestacjonarne") students: 3BA#zao
  • 1MA full-time students: 1MA#full
  • 1MA part-time students: 1MA#zao 

This is e-course is accessible for all WA teaching staff, who can view all the materials and check on their students' progress.