WAMU Moodle login / password recovery

If you are experiencing problems logging onto the Faculty of English Moodle (or any other AMU Moodle that does not use the CAS authentication pop-up), please follow these steps to rectify the situation:

First of all, try logging in once more, this time entering your login data precisely by hand and not relying on your browser's stored passwords and logins. Especially Chrome is known to suggest wrong passwords on Moodle installations - erase whatever your browser suggests in the password field and type in your password manually.

If you are sure you enter your data correctly and have tried at least one other browser than Chrome, then follow the suggestions below depending on whether your account is associated with your AMU email address (A) or not (B).

(A) If you log into Moodle using your AMU email (...@amu.edu.pl or ...@st.amu.edu.pl):

1) Please test your password also on USOSWeb. (Note: your login for USOS is not the entire AMU email address but only its username part, cf. username@(st.)amu.edu.pl.)

2) If your USOSWeb works OK, and you are still facing problems logging into the Faculty of English Moodle, chances are you are a PhD Student unsuccessfully logging in with a "@st.amu.edu.pl" email. Try logging in without "st." with just plain "@amu.edu.pl" at the end. PhD students' emails may be treated differently by different AMU systems, for different individuals..

3) If you are unable to log into USOSWeb, try logging into AMU Panel (your login is your AMU username alone) and changing "Hasło główne" (Main password) (only this one, ignore any other password types). The system may by itself prompt you to change the password - if you have not been doing this for a long time and / or if your current password does not meet the latest password policy standards. In fact, this may be the reason you have been experiencing problems with Moodle login. The AMU Panel is the only place where you yourself can change your USOS password. USOS passwords canNOT be changed from within Moodle.

If Step 1 or Step 2 or Step 3 above are successful, you should have a new valid USOS password which you can also use on Moodle.

If none of the steps above are successful, please contact the appropriate USOS Coordinator for a reset of your USOS password.

IMPORTANT: Once your USOS password is reset, you should be able to use it on all central AMU services (USOSWeb, Eduroam, AMU Panel, Office365, etc.) as well as on AMU Moodles.

If the instructions above are still not helpful, please contact moodle[at]wa.amu.edu.pl.


(B) If your account is special and you log into Moodle not using an AMU email ...@(st.)amu.edu.pl) and USOS password:
  • If you are a guest professor at WA who received a special account associated with their non-AMU emails) - please contact moodle[at]wa.amu.edu.pl for a password reset or change.
  • If the AMU Moodle platform you are connecting to is not the Faculty of English Moodle, please direct your request to elearning[at]amu.edu.pl, and specify which Moodle platform you cannot log onto.
  • IMPORTANT: Please use the email address we know, so your identity can be verified and tested against the existing Moodle accounts.

Last modified: Thursday, 1 August 2019, 10:18 PM