The aim of this course is to equip students with the skills necessary to translate legal texts from Polish into English and from English into Polish. This course will enable the students to apply appropriate translation strategies, enhance their understanding of the intricacies of law, and appreciate the differences between common law and civil law.


Course aims:

  • to improve the students’ translation techniques as regards economic (financial, tax, corporate etc.) and business texts
  • to improve their background knowledge of legal and economic matters
  • to expand their economic and business vocabulary


A lecture on assessment in teaching English as a foreign language. The focus is on different types of assessment and practical ways of their implementation.


The aim of the course is to develop a set of primary skills needed to become an interpreter. During the course we are going to practice liaison interpreting, consecutive interpreting and sight translation. The practical part will be preceded by an introduction to the theory of interpreting, as well as discussions on interpreting quality and interpreter aptitude.


The main aim of the course is to expand students’ knowledge of the terminology concerning science and technology in both English and Polish and introduce some relevant translation techniques. Having completed the course students should be able to translate basic and fairly complex texts on scientific and technical topics.


Course aims:

  • essential functions of word processors & spreadsheets for translators
  • introduction to CAT tools (Memsource cloud) - exercises
  • introduction to machine translation for translators
  • examples of online & offline resources for translators
  • dealing with electronic files & clients, OCR technology, etc.
  • simulation of translation in a team


  • homework exercise(s)
  • main team project


The aim of the course is to teach about the literature and culture in English Speaking Countries wuth the focus how to do it to expand the knowledge of students about the culture.

Studia Podyplomowe Kształcenia Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego

Studia Podyplomowe Kształcenia Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego

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