This is a site with open access materials for students of the full-time 1MA Academic Writing course (15-AW-11).

Any interested students or staff are welcome as well.

This site contains information and materials pertaining to PNJA that are restricted to for the exclusive access of the Staff and Students of the Wydział Anglistyki, UAM. No material published here can be used outside the Wydział Anglistyki, UAM, without express permisison from the WA Authorities and PNJA head coordinators.

This site complements and supplements the most basic information about PNJA which is posted on the PNJA public site.

WA Student's materials for PNJA writing courses.

Only WA Moodle users can have access to this site. 

Note: These materials are mainly designed for the WA FULL-TIME programme ('studia stacjonarne'). Inquire coordinators of the part-time programme ('studia zaoczne') or the Russian-English programme about compatibility.