The purpose of the lecture is to introduce Ph.D. students to the most influential contemporary developments and methodologies in critical and theoretical approaches to literature. The questions to be considered in our discussions include expressive, pragmatic and mimetic concerns of a literary text, the influence of historical, social and cultural contexts on our understanding of literature, the ethical stance in literary studies, discursive nature of language and interpretation, the role of the reader in the text.  To explore those concerns, the lecture covers major critical modes such as mimetic theories, formalism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, sociological criticism, reader-response theories and postcolonial perspectives. The selection includes especially those theories which reflect important cultural processes of our age and productively challenge received ideas and more traditional criticisms and thus revitalize our engagement with literary texts. The lectures is also meant to show how to make informed theoretical choices and take critical stances towards the theories we encounter.  

Wykład fakultatywny dla słuchaczy 2, 3 i 4 roku WSD o specjalności językoznawczej.



Kurs obowiązkowy dla słuchaczy I roku WSD o specjalności językoznawczej.