The primary objective of the course is to familiarize students with new technologies and online solutions utilised in the EFL classroom. The course is divided into eight meetings:

  1. Current trends in education

  2. Operating systems and computer hardware in the school setting

  3. Online tools for teachers

  4. Cloud computing in education

  5. Google Drive in (and outside) the classroom

  6. E-learning platforms and online courses

  7. Copyright issues for educators

  8. Final test + extra topic (TBA)

During classes, students will be presented with an overview of concepts, including a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of various solutions. Students’ grades will depend on the final test score after all the theoretical and practical concepts have been discussed. During the course, there will also be several extra-credit assignments on Moodle.


The course helps extramural students master their vocabulary and speaking skills.


The aim of this cycle of lectures is to help the students revise information about the theory (and some practice) of teaching English as a foreign language, with a partucular focus on secondary school learners. A variety of topics, such as an overview of ELT methods, the role of the native language in L2 learning and teching, approaches toward assessment, learner and teacher autonomy, etc., will be discussed.

15-PNJA-WR-ZU (2019/2020) 2MA/1, 2, 3  MN