W trakcie zajęć będą prezentowane i dyskutowane najnowsze trendy w ekologii. Uczestnicy rozwiną swoje umiejętności kompleksowej analizy tekstów naukowych, ich krytycznej oceny i interpretacji wyników badań ekologicznych.

The aims of the course:

1.   Communicating the knowledge about the newest trends in ecology and evolution
2.   Building up skills in complex analysis of scientific texts on ecology and evolution
3.   Developing critical assessment of scientific issues (e.g. methods used) and ability to put an interpretation on results of ecological studies
4.   Developing skills in leading and taking part in discussion, interpersonal communication and group work

The course will cover subjects in:

1.  The newest discoveries and concepts in ecology and evolution: 
       a) in fundamental and applied research,
       b) in research conducted on different levels of life organization,
       c) in the field of population, evolutionary, molecular and behavioral ecology.
2.  The importance of ecological and evolutionary studies in the face of global environmental changes.
3.  The economic, social and ethical aspects of ecological and evolutionary studies.
4.  The use of advanced and modern methods in ecological and evolutionary studies.

The aim of the module is presentation of most widespread toxins produced by humans, animals and plants and discussion of their impact on organisms and environment. The course includes review of the up-to-date literature, analysis of case studies from various regions of the world and summary discussion about the impact of chosen compoudns on human health and environemnt.